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ichael has been a performing musician since he was 14 years old. Singer-songwriter and poet, Michael's music is both deeply personal and spiritually expansive - a rich acoustic blend of intricate guitar playing, with insightful lyrics. Drawing from a diverse array of influences, from folk to world music, he has performed in venues across the U.S.

"Open up the windows, turn up the volume and lie back to take in Michael Joseph Ferguson's '...Of Life's Interminable Majesty.' You'll find yourself swirled to a musical realm where an open sky of heart weaves with deep roots of truth."

- Jessica Dofflemyer, host of KKCR's
Music As Medicine

Much of the subject matter in Michael's songs stem from a spiritual awakening he experienced when he was 22 years old...

"...It was as if I was listening to one radio station all my life, then suddenly realized that my tuner was able to bring in so many other stations. I became permeable to the sweetness of life that surrounds us, that I had not felt since I was a child."

"Since then, I've been keenly interested in studying practices that cultivated this type of awareness -- such as prayer, yoga, meditation, and service to others. Although all of these are instrinsic parts of my life, music has shown itself to be the most effective. It is my primary spiritual practice."

Michael's performances are often a blend of music, poetry, personal stories, and group musical interaction.

Michael currently resides in Southern California.

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